Description of the sent material

Locked metal case.

  • On top of the case there is a label stating the destination reproduction center for that shipment.
  • This case is locked with a sealing loop marked with a unique registration number.
Inside the metal case:

  • Transport container holding nitrogen absorved in porous material.
  • Envelope containing shipment documentation.
Inside the transport container there is:

  • Its identification number.
  • Oocytes inside vitrification containers.
  • Report for the Center:
    • Report tracking number for later identification of the shiment.
    • Traceability data (sealing loop tracking number and container).
    • Identity information about the patient and her partner (if known).
    • Donor identification number and phenotype data, blood group and Rh factor.
    • Other specific characteristics of the sample.
  • Report for the patient of the insemination technique:
    • Report tracking number for later identification of the shiment.
    • Identity information about the patient and her partner (if known).
    • Assigned donor identification number and phenotype data, blood group and Rh factor.
  • Registration form for gestation:
    • This document is to be returned to CEIFER Biobanco to keep record of births.
    • We recommend, however, to make notifications of pregnancies / births through the secure online platform of CEIFER BioBanco.
    • Please make notification of successful pregnancies and their monitoring to comply with the legal requirements about ‘Live Births’ ratio per donor in Spain and related national legislation.

General instructions

  1. Please check the label at the top to ensure it corresponds to the right destination center. In case it is not correct please DO NOT OPEN and report as soon as possible to CEIFER Biobanco.
  2. Please check that the sealing loop is in place and with no evidence of tampering.
  3. Cut the sealing loop and open the lock of the metal case to access the envelope with the shipping documentation.
  4. Check there are no shipping reports missing.
  5. With the report for the center on your hands please collate that the tracking number of the sealing loop and the identification number of the transport container are coincident with the number of the shipment (check sealing loop and label at the top of conteiner).
  6. Open the container and verify the existence of nitrogen in vapour phase (nitrogen is not travelling in liquid state but absorved into porous material inside the container).
  7. Fill up the container with liquid nitrogen before proceding to move vitrified oocytes to the final storage container. DO NOT proceed to transferring vitrified oocytes when in vapour phase, as this would cause irreversible damage.
  8. Check the characteristics of the sample inside the container are as described in the report for the center:
  • Donor identification number.
  • Name of the receiving patient .
  • ID number of the containers.
  1. Avoid direct contact of nitrogen with the skin.
  2. Use safety googles and gloves.
  3. Always keep the container upward to avoid spilleage.
  4. Do not tight close the container to allow nitrogen to evaporate naturally.
After insemination and once the container is empty, the reproduction center must request collection of the transport container by calling the nearest MRW courier branch. To find out you can:

  • Call CEIFER BioBanco to enquire
  • Call MRW customer information phone number: 902 300 400 (Spain) | +34 902 300 403 (international).
  • Check at MRW website:

Please request collection of the container within 3 days from reception.

Thawing of oocytes

CEIFER Biobanco offers a service for oocyte thawing on destination: OVOTECH

  • This service is carried out by our qualified laboratory personnel.
  • Gives you first hand experience on our optimized vitrified oocytes thawing.