CEIFER joins the German group  NEXTCLINICS INTERNATIONAL GmbH, specialized in assisted reproduction. Currently, CEIFER has facilities in Granada, Seville and Cordoba, under the Ceifer Biobank brand. He also owns the assisted reproduction clinic in Seville, Yes! Reproduction.

After the first entry in 2018 of IMER, the group NEXTCLINICS INTERNATIONAL GmbH continues in this way in Spain, through its subsidiary NEXTCLINICS SPAIN, its growth strategy, incorporating cutting-edge reproduction centers and specialized in the treatment of gametes. This supposes the consolidation of the leadership in Europe of the NEXTCLINICS group of the activity of Banco de Gametos.

The activity of NEXCLINICS also includes a wide portfolio of specialized genetic, laboratory and diagnostic services.


De izquierda a derecha: Markus Stötter CEO de NEXTCLINICS INTERNATIONAL GmbH , José Antonio Castilla y Juan Pablo Ramírez, directores y socios de Ceifer Biobanco y Adriano Carbone, CEO de NEXTCLINICS SPAIN.

Ceifer Biobanco, a national and international reference

Ceifer Biobank, founded in 1993, has become during these years one of the reference centers in Banco de Gametos. Its line of work has always been a model where quality and innovation prevail, seeking to provide the best service to users and donors, incorporating new work processes, both at the level of recruitment and study of donors, as well as cryoconservation, storage and distribution of donations. Since 2018, it has new facilities in Granada, which has allowed it to become the first Gametes Bank whose design is based on processes. Regarding the screening of donors, its bet has always been the introduction of new tests that increase the safety of patients and offspring, avoiding the transmission of infectious diseases and reducing the risk of transmission of genetic diseases, mainly through studies of carriers of recessive diseases.

In the words of its founding partners, doctors José Antonio Castilla and Juan Pablo Ramírez, joining NEXTCLINICS SPAIN is a great step forward for Ceifer Biobanco, being able to draw on the knowledge of clinics and professionals from all over Europe that are part of the group, specialized not only in the field of assisted reproduction but of genetics, immunology, etc. It also provides the opportunity to bring the experience of Ceifer Biobanco, its working model and processes, to the gamete centers and banks of the NEXTCLINICS group.

Dr. Antonio González is one of the founding partners of Yes! Reproducción, fertility clinic of Seville. As a national reference in the reproduction laboratory, he has always sought to facilitate accessibility to assisted reproduction techniques. For Dr. González, the incorporation to NEXTCLINICS will allow him to extend to European centers the work carried out in recent years, mainly the optimization in laboratories of reproduction of the necessary processes to be able to offer in his portfolios of services the programs of reception of oocytes coming from Gametos Bank.

NEXTCLINICS, a growing company

In February 2018, the NEXTCLINICS group incorporated the Institute of Reproductive Medicine (IMER) into its network of centers. With facilities in Valencia, it is one of the leaders in Oocyte Banks in Europe, being specialized in the collaboration with assisted reproduction centers in Italy. The medical director of IMER, Dr. Luis Quintero, is at the same time incorporated into the clinical management team of NEXTCLINICS. For him, «the experience of our incorporation to the NEXTCLINICS group is being absolutely satisfactory. The entry of Ceifer biobank, is a great complement to our portfolio of services and thanks to this synergy we will be able to offer our collaborating centers a comprehensive service in the field of Banco de Gametos «.

Both IMER and Ceifer Biobanco are part of NEXTCLINICS SPAIN, a subsidiary of NEXTCLINICS INTERNATIONAL GmbH. The director of NEXTCLINICS SPAIN is Adriano Carbone, a great promoter of growth in Spain. The intention of the group is the gradual incorporation of new centers in Spain, says Carbone, «until we become one of the leaders of the sector. Spain is strategically very important for the NEXTCLINICS group, not only because of the volume of activity, but also because of the enormous prestige of our centers and professionals in the world «.

NEXTCLINICS INTERNATIONAL GmbH is established in Germany, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia and Georgia. It is directed by Miroslaw Herden and Markus Stötter, founding partners of the company and true architects of this great project, being able to promote a clinical-business model different from the usual one. In NEXTCLINICS INTERNACIONAL, the professionals of the centers and the big investors coexist as partners, in this case Oaktree Capital Management, one of the largest investor groups in the world. This strategy makes decision-making power in the hands of professionals in the sector, seeking a balance between business benefits and quality and health care.