Quality politics

Quality politics

ES 20/87716

Quality politics

Rev. 00 del 14/04/2020

The quality of the company’s activities is not solely the responsibility of the CEIFER Biobanco Management, but the entire organization is responsible for working to deliver our services to the client with the agreed quality level.

The fundamental objective of CEIFER BIOBANCO is the improvement of quality in the different aspects:

  • Quality in donor care.
  • Quality of service provision.
  • Quality in the products offered to the client

However, the main objective of CEIFER BIOBANCO is to know how to combine growth and well-being of the company with the growth and well-being of each of the people who are part of the organization.

For this we propose to have, maintain, develop and improve a Quality Management System that allows controlling the various factors that affect our processes and providing the required quality level at an economically reasonable cost, committing ourselves to comply with legal and technical requirements. .

This policy is assumed by all CEIFER BIOBANCO employees who are aware of their participation and responsibility to contribute to quality manufacturing; That is why our Quality Manual will be the constant reference for the development of all activities related to quality management.

To comply with this quality policy, CEIFER BIOBANCO sets as a general objective that the technical, administrative and human factors of the organization of the company that affect the quality of its services are correctly controlled. Such control is geared towards reducing, eliminating and, most importantly, preventing quality deficiencies.

In short, there are four main reasons why CEIFER BIOBANCO establishes and maintains a Quality Management System:

Attention to the donor: The Quality Management System makes us show an exquisite treatment to the donors for their altruistic act of donating their oocytes so that other women can have offspring. In addition, maintaining the highest levels of security for them and the donation not only as dictated by law, but beyond with standards and training, guided by reason, that distinguish us.

Customer orientation: The Quality Management System allows us to give our customers adequate confidence that our services will satisfy their needs. Transmitting the best technical capacity, diligence, security and ethics, making use of our ability to solve the problems derived from our services.

Orientation towards improvement: The Quality Management System allows the personnel, who are part of the Organization, to know the set of responsibilities, processes, procedures and resources assigned to ensure and manage Quality. Knowledge is the basis for staff to participate and give feedback to Management in improving the System, making use of all the quality records that it generates. The standardization of activities will allow us to reduce variability in our processes, which is the first step to start a process of continuous improvement in which everyone must participate.

Competitive Environment: The Quality Management System allows us to mark competitive differences with respect to the competition in a market where, more and more, companies are being required to implement Quality Management systems.
CEIFER BIOBANCO’s Management ensures that both its policy and its objectives in terms of quality will be disseminated, exposing them in visible places to all staff, in addition to being understood and applied at all levels of the organization and that the Management System of Quality that is described in this Manual will be applied, updated and perfected permanently.