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Cryopreservation of sperm cells is aimed to store and preserve small samples under low temperatures (-196ºC) through immersion in liquid nitrogen, to be used for assisted reproduction techniques.

Its purpose is to allow cancer diagnosed patients to store sperm as soon as possible after diagnose and always before starting chemotherapy or radiotherapy, since these treatments adversely impact fertility. Fertility problems following cancer treatment may be reversible but it is not possible to know beforehand.

Cryopreservation of sperm may only be carried out at an authorized Sperm Bank.


  • Prior to undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments which potentially may be the cause of future infertility.
  • Prior to specific surgery operations causing infertility.

  • When there is difficulty to obtain a viable sperm sample for assisted reproduction.

  • When there is a diagnosed progressive sperm deterioration with known or unknown cause.

  • For extremely low sperm counts which make advisable to gather sperm cells from several ejaculations.

  • For specific high-risk professions.

  • For logistic convenience (absence of male partner, male unable to experience an orgasm) when programming assisted reproduction techniques.