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Social changes and the evolution of society have led to a delay in the age at which women reach motherhood. In Spain this age has gone from an average of 24 years old in 1980 to 32 years old at the present time.

Since fertility peaks after adolescence and declines progressively, this delay makes it difficult for many women to become mothers in a natural way because the quantity and quality of their eggs is not optimal.

We can help you 

CEIFER Biobanco to help you prevent this problem and help you preserve your fertility when you are still in childbearing age.

For more than 20 years we have been researching solutions such as the one we offer, affordable and quality options.

If your desire is to delay maternity, do not hesitate and take on this option. Now that you are fertile it is the moment.


We analyze the “level of fertility” of the woman and, if we consider that the quality and number of oocytes is adequate, we proceed with the extraction of a sufficient number of eggs for their preservation in our facilities through a vitrification process.


  • Intended for fertile single women or with a partner who decide to postpone their maternity.

  • For patients who are bound to undergo oncological treatments.