Welcome to CEIFER Biobanco

CEIFER Biobanco is a Sperm and Oocytes Bank providing service to Human Reproduction Centres.

«We do not only deliver cells,
we are your support center.»

CEIFER Biobanco is born after 25 years of experience:

• 1992 – CEIFER Foundation.
• 2014 – OVOVIDA Foundation.
• 2016 – CEIFER & OVOVIDA join together in CEIFER Biobanco.

Why choose CEIFER Biobanco?

  • We are the sperm bank with the most comprehensive donors Screening tests.

  • Our Working protocols are under continuous revision and improvement.

  • For CEIFER Biobanco la Quality is not only our goal, is our everyday tool.

  • Because to be a mother is your right, and our commitment is offering the best assurance.

  • Because CEIFER Biobanco is a health center, our objective is your health.

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